Our Doorms

The Student Union operates dormitories and housing services for students and various properties, including the renovated Student House, which includes businesses that serve the students and staff of Bar-Ilan. The Asset Management Division is responsible for managing the dormitories, renting the commercial areas at the student house, supervising the services and prices for the benefit of the students.

The Student Union dormitories are managed by Bashan and are within walking distance of the university.


The dormitories are based on the concept of regular residential apartments. Each apartment has a living room and a kitchen equipped for the comfort of the tenants: furniture, electrical appliances including a refrigerator, toaster oven and cooking stove.


Each apartment has a Wi-Fi connection. Each room is equipped with a wardrobe, beds, desk and chairs. In the dormitories, laundry and drying machines are available for rent.


Standard room rent starts at NIS 1,050 per month (double room).

Rental for a room with a shower and toilet starts from NIS 1,250 per month (double room).


* Prices vary according to the room type.

* The cost per student is for 12 months.


Payment includes:

Rent, house committee, elevators, maintenance and cleaning of the stairwell. Also included are electricity bills (up to NIS 60 per person per month), water (up to NIS 35 per person per month), municipal taxes and internet.

Entry to residential dormitories will be possible a few days before the opening of the year.


Before you begin filling in the registration form, you must prepare and scan of the required documents.


For more details:

The dormitory director  dorms@bashan.org.il  

Or the office at 03-6354535

office hours are between  09:30-15:30